Limited number of 30 prints(Giclee) 「In memory of Zenobia」

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Giclee prints of Jean-Pierre Anpontan

Title :「In memory of Zenobia」
Technique : Giclee
Size : Picture size : W236mm×H208mm
Forehead size : W303mm×H274mm
The forehead can be hung on the wall or placed like a photo stand.

Speech balloon words
The tragedy of life is that people do not change.
Agatha Christie

A journey story woven by a slightly foolish king and a wise partner camel.
Comically depicted, this work sometimes goes to the scorching desert and sometimes to space in search of an "oasis of mind."
Camel words are the quotes and sayings of great men, and are fun art works with a story that heals what you see and makes you smile.

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¥25,300 tax included